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What an adventure it has been pulling dahlia tubers in these adverse weather conditions (record warmth, freezing temp, measurable snow - Mother Nature was throwing everything at us!!)!  Yet we prevailed and we will know which tubers may be available and the pricing sometime in early December.  While we publish that we will open the online store for orders by Jan 1, in previous years we have quietly opened the second or third week in December.  So stay tuned!

Please send an email with any questions.

(In the meantime, check out the Supplies page to see these products .)

DahliaDel.com was launched in 2017.  Farmer Del opened the online site to help dahlia lovers easily get quality dahlia tubers, plants, and products needed to create beautiful dahlia beds. You can trust Del's Dahlias for the assistance you need to grow the gorgeous dahlias that will make a statement in any garden.

Dahlias that touch the heart.